A River’s Halo

I travel through the jungles, in a steady flow,

Through the cities so high, through the villages below,

The sun kisses me all the time, making me glow,

And I reflect the exulting face, the moon puts on a show,

Calm and composed, through ups and downs, I grow,

Enduring the malevolency of the living beings, their unsympathetic blow,

Because on my birth I have taken a vow,

Which, to the aim, I shall follow,

That I will serve them for whom I am hallow,

And disregard those, who strike me with a gallow,

And when I reach my goal, with happiness I shall bellow,

“All hail! you are the Infinite, the Ocean, my life’s hallow”.



Across the Oceans….

You used to ask me why am I so reticent,

So here it is, my confessions from oceans distant,
I am a quiet human being,
Use silence for a living,
Trust no one to ask my worrying questions,
Believe no one to seek help from dear and near ones,
But my soul refuses to stay silent on my problems,
Therefore it burst out through my poems,
Under my pillow, you will find an ornate book,
My feelings, my emotions are jotted in its every nook,
And if you feel I still deserve your time,
Please give me a chance, I will wait across the oceans, even for a lifetime.

You are Rare

You are a poet, your words form a poetry,
You are a magician, you have magic in your authenticity,
You are an artist, I adore your life’s artistry,
You are perfect, your imperfections shape your existence with clarity,
You are courageous, I take pride in your bravery,
You are kind, I bow before your heart of charity,
You have a happy soul, I will always love you heartly,
You are rare, I worship you in austerity.


Agony Of My Sister

As she stared at the framed photo
Of her friends and herself taken some days ago,
A pain went through her ailing heart
And an obscure tear from her eyes did depart.
Those were the times of idyllic moments,
Cherished, nourished and untainted amusements,
Each soul linked to every other,
And now they existed only within the ornate golden border.
She found a little bit of herself in each one of them,
Still perceived in the inert picture within the frame,
They were vivacious, their chattering heard all over the place
Like an assembly of birds chirping away to magnificence.
And now she was left alone and depressed to shreds,
And glared at the frozen lifeless snapshot of her friends,
Grief engulfing her to her last cell,
A pall of gloom turning her current condition ill,
She can hear no more voices,
Her days devoid of their lovely giggles,
Their own empire had torn into fragments,
She was solitary, away from the domain of enjoyments.
But the people never understood the ache,
The ocean of emotions swelling within her psyche,
The shades of her colourful realm had drained away,
And the promise of technology never soothing her in any way.
Because, to the world, she was just 13 years old,
Shifted her residence from South to North,
Along with her family, away from her friends of her county,
With the parting gift of the photograph they arranged as a memory.


The more I wait for the Prince Charming to appear,
I lose more than just a glass slipper.

The more I wait for the beasts around me to transform,
More beautiful roses wilt away to their melancholic doom.

The more I wait for the Prince to kiss me awake,
The more I sleep away to the moribund state.

The more I plunge into fancy fairy-tales,I lose myself to the illusive universe.©kslakshmi105